Wack-in & Stack-en the stripes == on a beautiful January day....With Seyla Kim Thang, Phy, Hong & Than. Thanks guys! It took us a while to locate the giant school of Stripes but when we did it was striper catchin mayhem... 

Today was the perfect set up for a great Striper bite. We saw a little bird working action deep into a creek full of Stripes and Sandies. Then it was just slow and steady catchin...I love this job!...Thanks David, Jeb, and Abraham Adams from Elm Mott.

The Striped Bass were on a serious feeding spree. That is the first time I have seen them feed like this in about three weeks. It was Striper catchin pandemonium!! What a great time we had....Thanks, guys.. I think we made a couple of new future anglers today...LOL
John, Kim, Duncan & Keegan Ward from Arlington.

Ronnie and Haden Boyer from Keene had a great time catching some of Whitney's finest linesides==...We caught our limit plus a few more that we released to catch again someday. Thanks, guys!

We had our limit in 30 minutes this morning on live Shad. We then ran around the lake chunkin lures and looking and just enjoying the morning. Doug and Tina Haynes from Junction. Thanks guys!!

I called my buddies Seyla and Hong yesterday and informed them that the meteorological conditions in the evening were perfect for a Striper feeding frenzy. Seyla who being a man of few words sometimes replied: "let's try". So off we went. A lady at the boat launch said we must be crazy fishing today..told her she may be correct! We were quickly met by a bunch of Stripers feeding like a pack of hungry puppies. BTW we never felt the cold or wind.....No live bait here...Love the feel of that THUMP on a jig!

These guys have turned into a finely tuned fishing machine. Its very cool watching them work together as a team. All I have to do is put them on the fish and stand back and watch.


Bob Goodrich, Ken, and Chuck had a good day on the lake. Ken caught a big-ole ugly flathead cat. We do not see many of these here on the lake. Yellow cats are some fine eating not a scavenger like the other species of cats on the lake....Thanks guys!! It was great meeting all of you. 

The wind blew us off the lake so we snuck up in a creek where we had a little protection and smack-ed us a mess of Stripers and Sand Bass. What a great time with Brennon and Megan Becker from Waco. Thanks guys...It was great meeting you both.

This is a part of today's limit that we retained. We fished in several locations throughout the day and smacked-em good just about everywhere we went. We through all of the little dinker-dongs back and kept the fat ones....

Wackin & Stackin the stripes===With David Ordaz, Mike, Jose, &Terry. THANKS GUYS!!

It was cold and rainy today but we were a tough bunch of anglers! The Stripers bit just good enough to keep us happy and busy all morning. What a great time with Robin Cook, her brother Jim and sister Ginger. Thanks yall...


Whitneys Striped Bass will spend much of their day sulking deep and unresponsive. Be patient, they will rise and when they do... its all over.... except for the frying LOL.... What a great time on the water today with Ty Burcham, Trey Barfield, Lance Trayham, and Micha Lillie from Georgetown.

Another great day of catchin...with Seyla, Hang, and Yea. all were caught on live bait. Thanks guys!!

Check out the freak Striper we caught yesterday. It is common for a Striper to have some broken lines but this one is very extreme. The opposite side is perfect straight lines. 

It was a cool and breezy morning and the Stripers were seriously fired up and hungry. Every Striper today was a female. What a great time with my buddy Guillermo his son Ian and friends, Chuck, Adolfo, & Tristan. THANKS, GUYS!!

Max, Tommy, and Luke Daley from Grandview enjoyed a cool morning on the lake catching a boatload of Scrappy Striped Bass on Jigs. It was Tommy's day today! I don't know what he was doing but he sure put it on all of us catching far more than the rest of us combined. LOL. He is the one in the center of this photo with the big grin on his face.....

Thanks, Guys!

The catchin was a little slower this morning it took an hour to get our legal limit to keep. We then proceeded to another area and caught a few more. We ended up having to release the largest ones we caught for the day...It was a pleasant day on the lake with a couple of great anglers. Thanks, Gals!!

Melissa Penny and Christie Thompson from Coppers Cove.