The early morning bite was great this morning we had our limit in the boat 45 minutes from the time we left the dock. With Danny & Francis Baker from Waco. All were caught on live Shad. 

David Rhodes and friends Troy, Shawn, & Beau had a great morning wackin a bunch of Stripes for the grill. We caught them on live shad and a magnum flutter spoon. 

More wild Whitney action catchin a mess of line-sides. With Ronnie, Deniese, Debra & Joey. Thanks Guys....

It was fast action early this morning on live shad with Jerry, Wayne & David.

Later in the morning, the action kicked in again this time we were catching them on a magnum flutter spoon. After releasing a few we called it a day. Thanks guys!! 

The day started slow but ended with some wild & crazy fish catchin action. We got a limit on Shad plus a few extra then smacked a few more with a flutter spoon. With Kim & Ryan Henderson from Weatherford. 

It was steady action all morning today we caught our limit on Live Shad and then, as usual, we caught our largest of the day on a flutter spoon. WTG Nate. With Ty, Randy, Sara, & Nate Cox. Thanks, Guys!!

I took a much needed extended time off from fishing for the first several weeks of the Summer season. I am excited to be back on the water and chasing Stripers again. I am glad to report the Stripers are feeding well. 

It was fast and furious action catching this limit of Stripes on live shad just a little over 30 minutes.  With Daniel Picket, Ed, Tim & Dale from Brownwood. We then tied on some flutter spoons and wacked some more Stripes that we quickly released. 

Another day of super-fast action catchin Stripes on live shad. With Monty, Jeremiah, and Anna White from Granview. All were caught on live shad. What a great day with some great kiddos!


Yesterday was the dads today was all about the boys catchin Stripes. With Daniel & Kacey Picket, Cabot, Shades, & Nolan. What a great time on the lake! All were caught on live Shad. We caught all of these in about 40 minutes but we did not quite get our limit. When the stripes quit feeding it was just over today....

Ed, Edwardo, Nick &Anthony Ledesmas from Italy caught a nice mess of stripes for the grill. All were caught on live Shad.