Catchin Shad this morning was a pain in my a.... I showed up with six shad and Cody said his fish prayers. Kinda reminds me of the story of Jesus feeding the crowd with five fish. LOL... Turned out not to bad considering.... With Cody Neff, John Hall, Tony Callaway, & Mitch Breeden. Thanks guys!!!

Lauri Brannon brought her nephew Nathan and his wife Carie to Lake Whitney to catch some Stripers for Nathans Birthday. It was a success. Happy Birthday, Nathan. Thanks!! 

Fredrick and Manuel Freeman caught a mess of good size Stripes today. The largest was 32 inches long. This was their first time to catch Stripers. What a great time! Thanks guys!

Donald, Zack and Colton Miller from Clifton had a great morning of Striper fishing today. All were caught on live shad. Thanks guys!!

Catchin Whitney Stripes on Live shad and flutter spoons with Mark Cunningham and Nick Cavanti. Thanks guys!!

Dan and Bethany Davidson caught a mess of Whitney Stripers for the fryer today. Happy Birthday Dan.

Mike and Pat Beckham from North Dallas caught a boat load of Stripes = for the grill today. with a mess of cats and giant Longnose Gars UUUGGG!!

The Stripes= were hungry and the action was fast. With Johnnie, Casey, and Wade Tusa from Waco. Wade is six years old and is the best fisherman of that age that I have ever witnessed. He lowered his own live Shad down to the correct depth, holding the rod he could time his hook set, catch the Striper, and reel them in all on his own. He accomplished this many times today....I am impressed Wade! WTG!!! I look forward to watching you grow into the fisherman you are destined to become.  

We made quick work of a limit this morning on a school of hungry Stripers. You put that giant Nichols spoon in front of a hungry Striper they will smack it good! With Chris Jackson and Mike Armestish from Fort Worth. 

Steve Otto of Whitney caught the largest of the day it was a 33 inch lunker Stripe...

Rusty, Josh, Will and Tom from Dallas had a great morning on the lake catchin a boat load of scrappin linesides= Thanks guys!!

Thanks also to the TPW Department for stocking Hybrid Stripers in Lake Pat Cleburne the last three years. We are now catcing a few Hybrids in Lake Whitney nearly every day.  

Mike Csikos from Houston brought his dad and mom Mike Sr. and Jimmie this time to catch a boat load of Stripers. It was a success! Jimmie out did the guys she caught the first, Last and most. LOL WTG Jimmie!!

What a great time catchin Some Whitney lined=sides. With Rob Brownrigg and Ron Turpin. Thanks Guys!!

One last Striper fishing trip before school starts for Dwin Staples and his Grandkids Dylan, Cason and Korban from Glenrose. What a great morning of fast action with a bunch of hungry Stripes= and one Hybrid. Thanks guys! You all did great...


Simeon, John, Grant, and Randall caught a boatload of =Stripes for the grill. What a great time!! THANKS GUYS!!