Bill, Perry and Preston caught a limit of Stripes for the grill. Thanks guys!!

Brad and Branden Herbelin caught a limit of linesides for the grill. Happy 13th birthday Branden! 

Tony and Sue Guthrie had a great morning of catchin stripes. All were caught rippin a spoon except for the one Tony caught on a chugger. After we got our limit we fished some live Shad to relax for a while and catch a few more. 

What a beautiful day on the lake with Andrea and Nolan Thompson. This was Nolans first time to catch a fish. WTG Nolan! 

Jude Dylann and friends Martin & Tim had a fantastic morning on the lake catchin some Stripes for the grill. We caught our limit on live shad then we caught and released a few more on the Giant Nichols spoon. Thanks guys!!

Chris and Jolene Zielinski had a good morning of catchin Stripes. It was a quick limit on live bait ten Stripers in 13 minutes. LOL..... Then we caught a few more rippin spoons. Jolene caught the largest on a spoon. We released the Striper to catch again someday. 

TJ, Branden & Melissa Aleman from Fortworth caught a nice bunch of Stripers for the grill today. All were caught on live Shad. THANKS YAULL!!!

We had our limit on live Shad in 20 minutes this morning. Then we broke out the Nichols Magnum spoon and smacked several more. What a great time with Branden and Chase Peters.  Thanks guys!

Topwater Stripers! What a blast!! with David and David JR. and Sonny Bryant from Cleburne. Thanks Guys! 

Today was a sign of things to come.... We went two hours with nothing not even a bite then we caught our limit in 30 minutes. Summer time blues....With Andy, Samantha & Froggie Crawford from Waco. WTG Guys!!

Through a steady light rain and cool north wind we endured. But we survived and caught a mess of nice Stripes also. Tray and Aaron Styron from Cleburne. 

Richard and Kathy Long had a great morning of catchin Stripes on live Shad.  Kathy shows the largest of the day that was caught rippin a spoon it was released to fight again. WTG Kathy. 

Bruce and Leeanna from Fortworth caught a quick limit of scrappin Stripes on live bait we then caught several more rippin spoons. 

Travis Clayborn and friends Brent, Joe and Riley. From Waco and New Mexico. Had a fantastic morning of catchin a boatload of Whitney Stripes===For the grill. WTG Guys!!

Curry, David, Linda,& Lauri from Glen Rose caught a limit of Stripes this morning. It was a Mothers day gift from the guys... Thanks....

Chase Howard and friends, Bud, Evan, & James had a great morning of filling the boat with a bunch of scrappin Stripes...Thanks guys!!

Larry, Zane, and Brady Lock had a great morning of catchin Stripes for the grill.. All were caught on live and cut Shad. Thanks guys!!

What a great afternoon of catchin...With Seyla Kim and friends. All were caught on live Shad

Randy, Jan, Mason & Madison Wyle had a great day catching Stripes on Whitney. Most were caught rippin spoons. Mason caught the largest it measured 36 inches. WTG Mason. Thanks Guys!!!

Kyle and Angela Hunt and friends Ronnie & RJ had a good morning. We had 19 fish of our limit in 30 minutes. We then started fishing the Nichols magnum spoon and Angela caught this 33 & 1/2 inch Stripe === WTG Angela...I think the guys will be hearing about this for a long time!! LOL ...

The photos say it all!!! Its time!! Travis and Madison Mott from FortWorth. The fish that we kept were caught on live Shad then we started throwing chuggers and stick baits. The larger fish were on the artificial baits and we had to through them back. What a great time! Thanks Guys!! 

John, Amy, Evan & Olivia Brian from Blanco caught a limit of Stripers for the grill this morning. All of them were caught on Live Shad. 

We had to go find them again was a success! With Billy McElworth. Cecil & Chris. Thanks guys! All were caught on live Shad. 

What a great time with Kyle and Gina Sutton from Arlington catching Stripers, on live Shad. Thanks Guys!!

My topwater bite fell apart but the live bait action was fast and furious. Thanks Guys! Marc & Logan Lancaster. 

The first day of Spring brought a steady cold rain and 25 mph north winds but we endured.... at least for a little while. We did not max out but really were lucky to catch what we did. The Stripers were seriously fired up blowing Shad out of the water on the surface. It was just hard to stay on them. We caught them on live Shad, a jig and the Nichols Magnum spoon. Shon Davis and friends. THANKS GUYS!! 

David, Natlie & Briley Nelson from Lorena had a great morning wackin a bunch of Whitney Stripers. Briley turned into quite the young angler before the morning was over. It's great to see a young gal have a passion for fishing as Briley does. Great Job Briley!!

Catching Stripes on the Nichols Magnum spoon makes for some extremely angry fish. This style of fishing will wear you out fast but this lure has become my favorite way to catch Stripers.  What a great day with Terry Rigsby and grandson David and friends Jim & Betty. Betty had the lucky rod today she out fished all the guys LOL...Thanks Terry!!

Tom White and friend Claude had a great morning on the lake catching a few stripes for the grill. Claude caught the largest rippin a spoon it measured 28 inches. 

Catchin the stripes was easy this morning we had our limit in about 50 minutes. All were caught on live Shad. With John & Kathy Davidizar and friends Justin & Josh. Thanks guys!!

Dub, Ryan & Dillion Sabrsula celebrated all three of their birthdays' Striper fishing with me today. Dillion caught the first, largest, and last today WTG Dillion !! It was fast and furious action. Happy Birthday All!! 

Ted and Maxine Taylor and friends Joe & Sonya from Coleman Caught a bunch of Stripes for the grill...What a fine group of anglers..Thanks guys!!

Chris Jorgenson and friends Joel & Bodono had a great morning of catchin Stripes. All were caught on live Shad.

The topwater bite is in full swing! We caught 25 in 2 hours all on Cordell Red Fins. With Scott and Neva Levine & Cameron, Jacklyn, & Katalin.

Jacklyn & Katalin are teaming up on a big ole Striper to get him in the boat... WTG girls! 

It was fish catchin pandemonium just the way we like it! LOL

With Keith, John & Kevin Harper from Dallas. Thanks Guys!!

Wackin the stripes on a rainy day...With Cody Gray and friends, Jeremy, Barry, and Scott. We caught them on live shad and the Nichols magnum spoon. Jeremy shows the largest striper of the day it measured 31 inches and a nice hybrid both were caught on the giant spoon. 

Just another day at the office. LOL.... With Brian Jefferies and friends Matt & James from Stephenville. Thanks Guys!!

Seyla Kim & Family Molly, Kaylin, & Jilliana Catchin Stripes === for the grill. Everyone is here for the harvest and having a great time doing it.  Thanks guys...You all did great!

Ben, Merideth, Megan & Nathan Taylor caught a limit quick of stripes this morning on live shad. We then caught a few more rippin a spoon...Thanks Guys!!

The second day of spring was still cold but the wind and rain had ceased. As soon as we left the marina we were immediately into a school of hungry Stripers feeding on the surface with many more just underneath them. We had our first 14 Stripers in about 45 minutes. All were caught on jigs. With Chance & Kayce Furr and dad Jackie. Thanks guys!!


Royce and Tracy Carperter had a good day of catchin linesides===Tracy caught the largest on a Nichols magnum spoon we had to release it cause we already had retained our limit. WTG Tracy!

It was a great day of catchin Stripes==with Ronnie, Kenneth and TJ Matus from West. We caught most of our limit on live Shad then we switched to the Nichols magnum spoon and smacked us a bunch more. Ronnie caught a nice 31-inch fatty on the spoon. WTG Ronnie. 

Wackin & stackin the stripes === with Scott, Keegan, Colby, Shane, & Cade from Whitney. We caught them on the Nichols spoon and live Shad. We had to go through a ton of undersize stripes but we hit our max.. WTG guys!!

Seyla Kim and friends, Jackie, & Hong had a great morning catching Stripers on live shad while I smacked em good on the Magnum Nichols spoon. It took us one hour to limit it was for the three of them 13 on live bait and for me, it was 8 on the spoon...LOL, What a way to make a living hu!!!

Today was a great ending to a great springtime season for me. With Drew Blount, Dalton, Kenny, & Dave. Thanks guys!!