9/17/2018 Its all over but the fryin for this bunch of Stripes....Rick & Linda Robinson caught their first Whitney Stripers today. Good luck with your next adventure...

9/15/2018 The giant BP spoon does it again. The largest Striper of the day caught by 13 year old Collin Russell. WTG Collin!

9/16/2018 Scott Madrid & Scott jr. catchin Stripes on Lake Whitney. What a great day! WTG Scott jr. you did a great job!

9/20/2018 Eric Stiba & Zack Duke caught a few stripers on live bait and then a bunch more on the Nichols Magnum Flutter Spoon today. What a great time! Zack I hope you didn't pull your arm all out of wack today on all them Stripers. LOL. Zack is the lefty pitcher for the Seattle Seahawks. We will see how he does against the Rangers tomorrow night...THANKS GUYS!

9/10/2018 Wackin & Stackin Lake Whitney linesides with the Giant BP flutter spoon. The largest Striper today measures 30 inches. What a blast!! With Adam McDonald and (Mom) Rosemary. Thanks Guys..Always great to see you guys!!

9/4/2018 The Whitney Stripers have the summer time blues for sure. Lately when we get into these giant schools of fish some days it is just one or two here and there that are willing to feed. But overall we caught a lot of fish today. Some on Shad some on Bluegill and some on the Giant BP spoon. If you have not caught Stripers on this spoon you gotta give this a try!!! What A Blast! That's me holding one that I caught and the big guy is Brad. Overall a great morning with Brad Cates from Waco. THANKS Brad!


9/1/2018 The unofficial end of Summer.....YEA!! Bring on some cooler weather! It was a good early morning bite today. Wackin & Stackin with Larry Stanley, William Schmidt, Dustin Thurman and Rodger Burney. Thanks Guys!!