9-2-2017 September is off to a great start the Stripers are feeding like crazy! Brent & Dillion Horton caught a limit for the grill.... Thanks guys!

9-3-2017 Bill and Kathy Smith had a good day on the lake catching stripers and enjoying the sunshine...

9-7-2017 We smacked-em good today! The Stripers are loving the cool temperatures! Fast limits today with Rodney Brandon, Rick and Richard Ogles.

9-21-2017 We Wacked-em good this morning! A great time with a great bunch of guys! Mike and Jarvis White and Robert Kaufman. Thanks guys! 

9-1-2017 All of these Stripers were caught on live Shad. With Tracy and James Moore. Thanks guys!

9-14-2017 Steve Stevens took his dad Clyde fishing today. Clyde is one tough old guy! 88 years old..It was great seeing you guys again!

9-10-2017 Every day should be like today! Beautiful cool morning and the Stripers fed like crazy!.. Had a great time fishing with Tyler and Amanda Luebbehusen from Joshua. Thanks Guys!

9-22-2017 A great day with a great family catchin lots of Stripers...Jeff, Gina & Summer Grady from Denton.

9-15-2017 Adam McDonald took his mom Rosemary fishing today. What a great son..... Seems to be a lot of them recently....We all had a blast just catchin and shootin the breeze....