It was fast limits on some fired up Stripes this morning...All on jigs. Friendship 4H ..Mike Ray, Tommy and Brad Doty from Joshua. 

 It was a Striper catchin massacre this morning we had a 25 fish limit in the boat in 45 minutes. All were caught on jigs. Guillermo Guerrero, Danny Johnson, Keith Wilkerson, Cory Watson, and Anthony Estrada. Thanks, guys! 

 It was a quick limit today...With Jamie and Travis Sanders & Allison Pollock from Proctor. Happy birthday , Travis and Jamie. All were caught on jigs. 

 I think it is springtime. LOL..... Mandy, Jeremiah, and little brother ? White.

 What a beautiful day for wack-in Stripers. With Joe, Andrea, Jacob and Joshua Carter from Buda. Joshua caught the largest and I think big brother will be hearing about it for quite a long time. LOL

 What a great time with a great bunch of folks. Thanks guys! Jason, Dylan,&Wayne Peel, Michael Morris, and Trinity Bates.

Wackin & Stackin today with the guys from Sherwin and Williams paint stores. Bill Torp, Mike Dominguez, and Brandon. From Waco. All were caught on jigs. Mike caught his largest Striper yet today..WTG Mike!!!

Today was an exceptional day. The Stripers are stacking up in the big end of the lake and feeding aggressively. For every Striper we kept we probably released three. All were caught on jigs. What a great time with a great bunch of guys. Donald, & Hayden, Grimes, & Scott Hopper, & Scotty Huddleston from Commanche. 

 It was a Striper catchin massacre! With John Lockett and Aaron Moore from Alvord. There are a lot of Stripers in the lake with sore lips after today LOL...Thanks Guys....All were caught on jigs.

The jig bite kinda fell apart today with the current weather conditions. So we got us some shad and did ok on a few nice Stripes and Cats. With Justin FcFerrin, Matt & Bob Kemmis and Terry Wolley from DFW area.

Gavin, Ian and Gabbie Guerrero from Waco each caught a Brazos River Lunker today. What a great time with some great kiddos.

Josh, Courtney, Addie, and Shaelynn Dowell from Desdemona came to catch a bunch of Stripers today. The weatherman lied to us...It was seriously cold...Addie and Shaelynn lasted long enough to each catch a fish. We then took the girls back to the warm truck and Josh and i went back out a smacked a whole bunch of Stripers on jigs and released a bunch more. We met back at the dock for pictures...Stripers love cold weather.

Catching some Brazos river Monsters...Eric Robinson caught a 37-inch 21.7-pound Striper. And Jim young caught an 18.2-pound Striper. John Amos, he caught the most...LOL Thanks, guys. 21.7 is the largest I have seen in my boat in several years! 

 We went after some cats and Stripers today. Natia Bryant shows her biggest Cat. Gavin Bryant shows the two largest Stripers of the day. WTG to you both! 

 Another great day of catchin....We caught a quick limit and then caught and released many more. All were caught on jigs. Drew Blount and Kenny Lee from Cleburne.

We took a beating from the wind today but had a fun day on the lake catchin some big-ole lake Whitney cats. Chris, Ashley, Jeffery, and James Collins. WTG guys!

 We didn't let a little cold rain stop us! The Stripers loved it...With Chris, Richard, & Bobby Rios from Itaska.

Tasha Azbill from Idaho came to visit little sis Brady Boyd from China Spring and wanted to catch some Texas fish while she was here. It was a success! What a great time. Thanks, girls!

 What a great day of fishing! With Marcus, Josh, Ryan, and Landon. Great job Landon on the big-un.!! All were caught on jigs. 


Bill Pasco and Mike Adams from Belton. it was a little slower today but we sure caught some nice ones. Here is a couple of Stripes that measured 31 inches...Thanks, guys>>>

 The first 3 hrs were a little slow then we smacked em good after that..Thanks Guys.. Rustin and Robert Reagan and Brad Stillman. from Mansfield.

Al and Tony Gertken from Minnesota Caught a boatload of Stripers and Cats today...The Blue Cat weighed 15 pounds and 14 ounces. The largest Striper measured 31 inches. All were caught on Shad.