5/7/2018 Blake, Alyse, & Susie Loree & Daniel & Drew Saylor. From Waco caught a bunch of nice Stripers today. The gals beat the guys again!...Susie and Alyse both caught Stripers that were 33 inches long. WTG Gals !!!

5/15/2018 What a beautiful day catching Stripers on live bait! Fishing was great with James Powell and Brian Reagan. THANKS GUYS!

5/1/2018 What a way to start May! We had a fantastic day of catching Stripers on top water lures. I don't know how many we caught but it was a bunch! With my good friends John Branham, Glenn and Van Graves. Thanks Guys!

5/5/2018 Jody Long from Fort Worth. Brought a whole gang of friends down to Lake Whitney to catch some Stripers. I think it was a success! Thanks you: James Jones, Randy Routh, and Noe Robels for a great job helping show them all a great time. Thanks for the burgers Jody! We hope to see you guys again!

5/30/2018 What a difference a day makes! We had to work hard for them today. But we got our limit. We could not keep the undersize Stripers off our hooks! Doug Saylor, Ray May, Mike Stevenson, Brent Heath, Mitch Williams, from Waco. It was great seeing you guys again, hope to see you soon again! Thanks!

5/6/2018 We Wacked a bunch of big ones today! The largest was 33 inches. All on live Shad. With James Powell, Bob Atkinson, & Tom Myers. It was a great time with a great bunch of guys. Thanks Guys!

5/26/2018 The Stripers are hungry and smackin down big live Shad! Thanks guys! Paul, Austin & Travis Shearin. It was great seeing you guys again and I look forward to seeing ya next time...

5/18/2018 We had our limit quick today then we spent the rest of the morning scouting the lake for more Stripers catching and releasing a few nice ones. What a great morning catching Stripers in Whitneys crystal clear water. With Bill Farley and Andy Samo from Waco. Thanks guys!

5/4/2018 Jerry and Lani Anderson brought two boat loads of fishing gals to catch a bunch of Stripers today. Thanks James Jones for a great job helping me show these gals a great time on the lake. Lani Anderson, Donna Brown, Judy Cook, Haphong Hguyen, Mary Becnel, Peggy Harthcock, Jan Hall

5/8/2018 Tari and Roy Whitaker from Whitney came back Striper fishing with me today to refill the freezer and enjoy the day on the lake. We did both! The largest Striper measured 31& 1/2 inches long. Thanks guys!

5/19/2018 It was a great day of Catchin with Steve and Ron Reagen and Gaylon Johnson. From China Spring. THANKS GUYS!

5/29/2018 Another great day of catchin with Cully, Brittany, and Steven Pierce. The Stripers are stacked up and ready to feed!! Thanks guys! I Hope to see you again soon!

5/20/2018 We had 23 in the boat and then mother nature unleashed on us. Got a little wet today!! It was wild action once the front kicked in. With Ferris, Greer, Eli, Rob and Sam Vaughn. Thanks guys...Look forward to seeing you guys again soon.,

5/9/2018 Another boat load of Stripers for the fryer! John & Jaynie Branham, Grant & Trish Kirby and Laura Hartman. Trish caught the big one it measured 31 inches WTG Trish! THANKS GUYS!!!

5/27/2018 We loaded the boat this morning! With Cao,Timmy,& Benjamin Nguyen and Don Iam, & Cooper Voong From Dallas. Thanks Guys! 

5/12/2018 Another great day on the lake catching Stripers with Donnie Armstrong and friends. Thanks Donny! Thanks to Melvin Bush and Randy Routh for a great job helping these guys all catch a bunch of Stripers and having great day on the lake.

5/21/2018 It was fast action this morning. Filling the boat with a limit of great eating size Stripers ready for the grill. With Diona McClain and Jim, Jim JR. , Mike & John Batten. We got our limit and then took a nice boating tour of some beautiful Lake Whitney scenery. What a great morning!! Thanks Guys!

5/10/2018 Charles and Mimi Kendley drove up from San Antionio to catch some Stripers today. It was a great day! We caught them from start to stop. Thanks Guys! Hope to see ya again soon!

5/28/2018 I hope everyone is have a great memorial day! Remember all of the heroes that this day is about! Mack Parker brought his grand kids Parker and Tate fishing again today. Thanks Mack! It was great seeing you guys again. And I hope to see you again soon. The sunrise was so special this morning. And the moon going down when I first got to the lake this morning also. I love this job!

5/22/2018 The Stripers made us wait a while today and then it was wild and crazy action....With Donald, Gina, Caleb, and Megan Underwood from Waco.

5/11/2018 We wacked-em on top water this morning then we caught more on live Shad. What a great time. A few nice Bass also....Mark Allen, Larry Stanley, Willey Schmidt, & Joe Jarrett. THANKS GUYS!

5/17/2018 We had to work hard for them today but we managed to get some for the fryer...And had a great time catchin.... Thanks guys...Bill & Terry Moak & David.

5/16/2018 It was all catch and release today with Caleb and Creed Gant. Creed got to help his dad reel in several nice Stripers. WTG Creed!

5/25/2018 It was a fast limit again this morning. There just seems to be nothing I can do to slow it down sometimes. It wont stay that way long with the hot weather coming!   With John Weidner and Milton King. from Dennison. Thanks guys! Hope to see ya soon again...