5/7/2017 Don Arning and Steve Allen from Rowlett.

5/5/2017 Steve & Mitzt gates and James & Brenda. All were caught on live bait.

5/8/2017 Jason, Dillon, & Kyle Peal

5/30/2017 Grandma wooped it up and made quite a splash today on Lake Whitney catchin lots of line rippin Stripers. Abraham Adams took his mom Regina, and three of her 41 grandkids, Blair, John, & Matt on a wild fishing trip. All are from Waco. Thanks guys.. Had a great time with you guys today!

5/10/2017 Steve Hoeppner, Scott & Brennon South. WTG Steve on his 9 pound 4 ounce Largemouth Bass!

5/1/2017 We started the month off right! With my good buddies from Waco.  Mike Domingues, Jeffery Jones, Ray Tovar, Avalanzo Vasquez. All were caught on live bait.

5/25/2017 Loading the boat with lots of Stripers with some great folks! Abraham, Gary, Blair, Benjamin & Thaddeus Adams from Waco. Thanks guys!

5/16/2017 We had to work for them a little today and fight the wind but we caught some nice ones. Had a great time with a great couple of guys. Chuck Lucko and Mack Parker. Thanks guys!

5/28/2017 Shawn, Austin, & Colby Golding with a nice stringer of Stripers for the grill. All were caught on live bait.

5/20/2017 Steve and Ryan Hager from Dallas Had a great day on the lake today we caught a limit plus a whole bunch more that we released unharmed. Thanks guys!

5/11/2017 Chris Bartels & Craig Slovac

5/6/2017 A great day with some great folks! Rocsan, Caleb, Jeanie & Noah Ferrin from Fort Worth. Thanks Guys!

5/12/2017 Tyler & Rick Haug and Joaquin Garrison

5/29/2017 "Loving our freedoms today and remembering those who served and gave all for us!" A great day with a great family! Grandad Bob Buckner from Whitney and son Paul, grandkids Luke, Emily, & Erica. from Dallas. Thanks guys...

​5/17/2017 We Smacked-em good this morning! The Stripers were stacked & hungry we had a great time catchin with Matt Kunkel, Ryan Calfee, Michael Smith & Derrick Payne. Thanks guys!

5/21/2017 Ferris, Eli, Greer, & Rob Vaughn and Vickie St. Clair had another great day on the lake catchin lots of line rippin Stripes. Thanks guys!

5/18/2017 What a great day on the lake! With Donnie & Rider Armstrong and Maryann Yarbrough. Thanks guys

5/2/2017 Chris, Chris jr, & Jordan Jorgansen. All were caught on live bait.

5/26/2017 What a great time with a great couple! Matt and Amy from Joshua. Thanks guys!

5/27/2017 Lots of Stripers caught today with dad & daughter team Dennis and Kynlee Bartosh.

5/19/2017 We Wacked some good ones today with my buddies Randy Dillard, & Dick Grimes from Whitney and Michael Murphy & Dallas Frazier from Abilene.

5/22/2017 JP, Jake, Kerstin, and Christian from Midland smacked a bunch of linesides this morning. What a great time with some great kiddos! WTG guys!

5/4/2017 Jeremy Newton and Logan Stone. Great top water action today!