3/10/2018 We smacked a bunch of big-uns today! All were caught on Shad. Get ready for catching Stripers on top water lures in the next week or so. Don't miss out! With Brian Girard, Brett Krueger, Dustin Smith and Scott Harvey from Waco. Thanks guys! 

3/13/2018 Three days of a strong cold front has lowered the water temps and delayed the top water bite. But it sure didn't stop the Stripers from feeding! We wacked-em good today! Matthew, Lindsey, Wayne, and Linda Woodard. What a great time with some great folks. Thanks guys!

3/12/2018 Catchin some nice ones on live Shad! Thanks guys! Donald, Hayden & Bryan Grimes from Comanche.

3/9/2018 We had our limit in less than one hour then we caught and released a whole bunch more. We used live shad and jigs. With Randy, Rick and Arlen Moore.

3/30/2018 Tony, Jennifer & Dalton Hancock had a great day on the lake today. Tony caught the largest Striper of the day it was 33 inches long.

3/16/2018 It was a great day on the lake with a couple of great families. James, Nolan, Matthew, Men, and Prang. Thanks guys!

3/22/2018 We Wacked a bunch of nice size Stripers today! This is the three largest of our limit for the day. Thanks Jim and Karen Rye! It was great to see you guys again!

3/15/2018 Leslie and Ryland from the Houston area. Caught some great Stripers today! And a few cats to....Ryland caught the most but "Mom" caught the big-un...Thanks guys!

3/3/2018 It took a while but we finally ran into a giant school of Stripers and we smack-ed them good. All were caught on jigs. With Jacob, Jarred, & Dwane West and Ron Ayres, & Kevin McKnight ... Thanks Guys! 

3/17/2018 We caught Stripers on top water lures for the first time this season today. What a blast! With John, Mandy, Jay and Payton Chapman.

3/2/2018 It was a very slow day today but we caught a few and managed to get a couple of really nice size Stripers in the boat. Thanks.... Jake and Hanna McDaniel from New Mexico.

3/29/2018 Mike Simons had a birthday said it was a great excuse to go fishing. Brought his granddaughter Taylor Zachery and her friend Luke Martin along to enjoy the day. 

3-7-2018 We had to work hard for a limit of legal size Stripers today. We also caught lots of under size Stripers and White Bass plus a few Crappie, and large-mouth Bass. All were caught on jigs. A fun day with a couple of great guys Scott Levine and Doug Eudy.

3-31-2018 What a great way to end a great month of Striper fishing. Chris Dinkler with his 30 inch Striper and his nephew Jacob. Thanks guys!

3/20/2018 I will sure be glad when these northers stop blowing in! I am ready for some top water action!  Jesse Fergason caught a nice 31 inch Striper today...

3/8/2018 De Carson came back fishing with me again to catch a few more Stripers and brought Julie to reel them all in. All were caught on jigs. This was Julies first ever fishing trip. I think she had a big time! WTG Julie!

3/27/2018 The top water action was great this morning! I didn't count but we caught a bunch today! What a great time with Sam and Bill Teer. Thanks Guys!

3/23/2018 The Stripers were smackin the top water lures this morning! With Michael & Chris Martinez. Thanks Guys!

3/26/2018 The top water bite was short lived early this morning with one short of our limit. Then we caught several more on live Shad. With Mike Dominguez and Vinnie Gallardo..Thanks Guys..