6/20/2018 Kyle Sanguinet and Brent Davis came back again to catch a load of Stripers with Jordan Budde & Nate Davis. We smacked-em good right at the start and then they just disappeared. It took a little while but they came back to feed again and we smacked-em again. A great day! Thanks Guys!

6/2/2018 We had a great morning of catchin lots of Stripers and then a few catfish. With Cody Pratka, Jaime Godinez, and Issac Moreno. Thanks guys!!

6/12/2018 We had to work for them today...but when we found them it was good action. Thanks De. Carson...Good to see ya again! great to meet ya Don!

6/1/2018 Mike Csikos and his dad Mike Sr. from Houston came fishing with me again today and this time they brought their grandson Memphis Patterson from Weatherford with them. We had a great time catchin! It was great seeing you guys again and Memphis I believe you are an exceptional young man who will always "land on his feet" no matter what you do. It was great to meeting you and I hope to see you again sometime.

6/4/2018 Ron Jessup sent JR & Regan Jessup and Randy McManaway fishing for a graduation gift to JR. It was a great time with a great bunch of young folks. Now that you graduated and going to work.... good luck in the real world! Your going to do great!!

6/19/2018 It was a great morning on the lake catching lots of Stripers with Koby, Jenny & Cason Hutcheson. It was great meeting you guys! Thanks!

6/10/2018 My crew of five did it again... it was quick limits today...Jeremy Rogers, Jenny & Jackson Winn, Tobias & Zack Lewis. Jackson caught the largest Striper today it measured 31 inches. WTG Jackson! Thanks guys It was great meeting all of you today

6/8/2018 I am back to work again...Its a tough life catchin fish everyday.....LOL We had a good morning catchin some nice size Stripers. Ronald, Gregory and Riley Wilkerson. Thanks guys!! It was great meeting you guys!

6/16/2018 Barbara Ensminger retried from Fibergrate recently. They asked her if she wanted a rocking chair or a fishing trip. She chose the fishing trip. Barbara brought some of her family and friends with her. Russell and Felicia Ragland, Bobby Brown and Lanie Rogers. What a great fishing crew! thanks Guys! You all did great

6/15/2018 It was a nice day on the lake with some great guys. Thanks guys! Jason, Lane and Dan

6/13/2018 It was another tough day today but we found another good school late in the morning and caught them. It was great to see you again Jim Badoni! Great to meet your buddies Ike & Nick Morrision, & Rufes Ybarra. Hope to see all of you this fall for some top water action! Thanks Guys!!

6/11/2018 Chris Jorgensen brought his family Chris, Jordan and Jenny Bedell back back to lake Whitney to catch some more Stripers. It was a success! Thanks Guys! It was great seeing all of you guys again and it was great meeting you Jenny. 

6/3/2018 You could not call it fishing today it was just catching. Lee, Aaron, Ben and Erica Donner. This was Ericas first Striper fishing trip. I think she was wore out when it was over. LOL. The Stripers are not real big but they sure are fighting hard! Thanks guys!! It was great seeing you guys again and I look forward to next time.

6/18/2018 Another great day of catchin Stripers with Bob Buckner. Bob brought a couple of his fishin buddies with him on this trip Tom Parker and Tom Robinson. Thanks guys!

6/9/2018 The Stripers were a little slow to show up this morning but when they did it was wild and crazy action for this crew of five. Terry, Mason, David, Josh & Jacob Rigsby. Thanks Terry! It was great seeing you again and meeting more of your family. You guys did great!

6/29/2018 Its great to be back on the lake after a few days vacation. We had to work hard for the Stripers today but we had a nice time on the lake and caught a few fish also. Thanks guys! It was great meeting you both! Dave Brown and Chris Finney.

6/30/2018 What a way to end a great month of catching Stripers! We smacked-em good today! With Wesley, Mason, Brent, Evan, and Megan. Thanks guys!