7/5/2017 Another great morning catchin Stripers! With Joe Howard and Mike Heidt. Thanks guys!

7-6-2017 Ray and Toni Whittaker from Whitney had a good morning catching Stripers for the grill...Thanks!..

7-17-2017 Wackin a mess of Stripers with a bunch of great Whitney folks. Teddy, David & Judy Jennings and Rusty Farguson. Thanks guys! The sunrise was nice on my way to work this morning!

7-19-2017 Olivia Bryan caught her first Striper. WTG Olivia!

7-29-2017 Another great day today! Leon and his gang are just good luck! Leon, Matthew, Ronnie and Eddie. Thanks guys!

7/7/2017 Tony Dement, Matt Lough, Nate Trinidad, and Dawson Hoover caught a mess of Stripers today. What a great time with a bunch of great guys. Thanks Guys!

7/9/2017 Once we found the Stripers it was some wild and crazy action and then they were gone....What a great morning with James & Larry Ables & Joyce Moore. Thanks guys!

7-8-2017 James and Trevor Crossno from Katy TX. caught a some nice Stripers for the grill this morning. 

7-16-2017 Back to work for me! and another great day with some great folks! Randy, Sherry & Mason Wyle from Stephenville. Thanks guys!

7-26-2017 We had to work for them a little today but we did good...Dillion, David, Marcellus, Colt & Bobby. from Waco

7-18-2017 Found this large school of Stripers in deep water and smacked -em good...With Richie, Raymon, Ezera & Raymon Jr. Perez. and Alvin Rosales

7-31-2017 We wacked-em good today! With Curtis, Lem, Keith, & Amanda Brown and Hanna Sams from Waco. Thanks Guys!

7-20-2017 Everyone had a great time catchin Stripers today with John Bryan, Lazarus Blanco, & Phil Baxter. Thanks guys. It was great meeting all of you!

7-22-2017 Cody & Carolyn Garver Had a great morning on the lake for Codys Birthday. Happy Birthday Cody!

7-27-2017 A great day today! With Carrol, Seth, Sammy, Ken & Sam from Waco

7-2-2017 Carmen and Mitchell from Whitney caught a nice limit of Stripers.

7-28-2017 It was wild action early this morning! We caught our limit quick then we took a little ride up the lake a few miles looking for more Stripers we found a little school and caught a few. Had a great morning Catchin & Shootin the breeze....With Jasper, Caleb, Nupe, & Alex. Thanks guys! 

7-3-2017 It was fast action this morning! With Gary Cox, Sonny Gomez, Rudy Garcia, Trini Cantu. What a great morning!

7-21-2017 Steve & Tray Russell and Clay Pettigrew caught a mess of Stripers for the grill...

7-23-2017 Julian, Joslyn and Jose Esquivel caught a limit of Stripers today. 12 year old Joslyn is quite the little fisher gal. WTG Joslyn!