1-28-2018 The Stripers did not feed good like yesterday but if you get a jig in front of a Striper right now they are going to eat it! We released way more than what we kept. The "Space X crew"  Lai, Mike, CJ, Chantharasinh, And Matthew Vongkhamchanh. And Ronnie Thanks guys!!!!

2/17/2018 The Stripers sure are moving a lot every day but when you find them..Hang on! Mike Collard, Noah bailey, Colton Fangman, Louise Mendoza from Mexia.

2/16/2018 Another great day on the lake catchin lots of Stripers with John & Lindsey Blackstock and Nickey Whitworth. Thanks Guys! 

2/2/2018 Another great day of catchin Stripers with AJ & Sammy Ferguson from Whitney. Thanks guys! It was great seeing you both again!

2/5/2018 Another great day of catchin Stripers with Steve Smith and Seth Thompson.

2/3/2018 We really had to work for them today with all the high winds. But we managed to get a limit plus a bunch of small ones and some sand bass. With Chris, & Geordon, Cox and Justin Motheral.

1-14-2018 Another great day of catcin a bunch of fat butterball Stripers. With my buddy Adam Mc....

1-5-2018 What a beautiful day on the lake catching lots of stripes. With Brian, Reed & Selina McClure. Thanks Guys!

1-27-2018 A little cool this morning but the Stripers were lovin it! With Mike McDaniels, from Cleburne, and Andy Rachford & Dave Westlake from Illinois. Thanks guys!

2-26-2018 We Wacked a bunch of Stripers today! With Robbie Williams, Glen Schwanke, Jim Elsey, and Marvin Dutchman.

1/30/2018 What a fun day on the lake with Kevin and Sabrina Collins. Thanks guys! Glad Sabrina came along she caught most of the fish! LOL...... Just a guess but we probably released 30 more....

2-15-2018 Catchin lots of Stripers with Mark & Dustin Burk and Jarrett Greer. Thanks Guys!

2/4/2018 It was all catch and release today with Cody & Liz Gray from Stephenville. We had to work pretty hard for them today but we managed to catch a bunch and had a great time.

2/8/2018 Found a large school of nice size Stripers today and we smacked-em good! With Dr. Khalil from Cleburne. 

1-4-2018 What a way to start the new year wackin a bunch of big-ole Stripers. With James Hill, Mike Murrell, & Blain Williams. Thanks guys! Check out the video of this trip on my You Tube video page....

2/25/2018 It sure was great to finally get back on the water after week of cold rain. I am so ready for some decent weather! We had to work for them a little today. With Ryan Tennes, and Ruston Stafford.

2/27/2018 We ended the month with a nice catch today. We kept these for the grill and released a whole bunch more to catch again some day...Thanks! De Carson...

Here is some of the wildlife you see on Lake Whitney....This was 2/14/2018 He came and took a swim in the lake. He has drop tines on both sides you can see the one on his right if you look close...I wish I would have had a better camera!