We got our fall season off to a great start as the Magnum flutter spoon continues to dominate the bite. With Ted Kitchens and friends Steve and Butch from Burleson.

On this beautiful fall day, Gene Falco with Teresa, Kerry, & Carol from College Station were happy anglers today. They caught a nice limit of Stripes for the grill and had a great time doing it. 

Jeffery, Josh & Joe  Gavin from Waco Caught a limit for the grill this morning. Thanks guys!!

Jerry and Lani Anderson and parents Jim & Ajean all from Houston enjoyed a few days of camping on the lake during this wonderful fall season. We filled their freezer with a boatload of plump Striper filets. We had to work a little harder for a limit today but we did it.  Good to see you guys again!!

It was an incredible day of fishing today. We caught our limit on live Shad in 37 minutes. We then changed it up and began fishing a flutter spoon where we absolutely Wacked them for the entire next 3 and 1/2 hours. With Shannon, Natalie, and Clayton Crawford from Burleson. The two largest Stripers measured 33 and 32 inches in length. Thanks, guys!!

Rickey Schulte Had a great afternoon of catching Striped Bass on a beautiful warm fall day. We boated around twelve total. All were caught on flutter spoons. 

Sean Geiger and friends Steve, Daniel & Fred had a great day on the lake. The largest of the day was caught by Fred it measured 33 inches in length. WTG Fred! All were caught on live bait.

Falls first big north wind blew in this morning and the Stripers were all fired up and lovin it...All were caught on live shad. Scott, Sam and Bryce Souder. Thanks guys!!

Pandemonium in the morning!! I love it! It was fast and furious action today With Shannon, Caleb, Tom & Eric from Waco. 

It was wild and crazy fish catchin action right from the start with Billy Coffelt and Nick, Billy, & Jenson. We caught our limit on live Shad then we caught & released several on a flutter spoon. 

Another morning of easy limits with Clay Jarrett and friends Stephanie & Joel from Fort Worth. 

Roger Bishara and friend Matt had a great morning of catching Stripers. all were caught on live bait. 

Gary brought his grandson Gregory out for a morning of catching Stripes..It was a great success...Thanks Guys!!

Today was this falls first really cold morning and the Stripers were lovin it.....all were caught on live bait. Ken Hall and friends Mike, & Dana. Thanks you guys!!

We departed from the boat ramp at 7:35 and boated our last striper of a 20 fish limit at 8:10 Now thats called Wackin the stripes! I was not trying to limit fast there was nothing I could do to slow them down...All were caught on live Shad and Blue Gill. With Karl Shrock and friends Leland, Chris & Mel. Thanks Guys!!

It was fast and furious action this morning. All were caught on live Shad. With Cameron Armstrong and his dad RJ

Sean Geiger brought his buddies Brad, Tim &JB fishing. It was a success!! Thanks guys!!

A fun family day on the lake with Beau, Mary, and Alisha Gutierrez from Belton. Mary caught the largest of the day measuring 34 inches. 

Another great morning on the lake with Rob Brownrig and Steve Otto catchin Stripes for the grill. We were using live shad and flutterspoons. Thanks Guys!!

What a fantastic day of Striper Fishing!! Once we found the Stripes we had our limit in less than one hour. Seth, John, and Leo Sosolik. Eight-year-old Leo reeled in most of the fish caught today and did an excellent job of it!! The largest measured 32 inches in length. WTG Leo!! I believe he will remember this day for a long time>>I love it!

The Striped bass were feeding like a pack of hungry puppies this morning. With Brian, Angie, & Tommy Warkentine from Waco. It all began as Angie caught the first Striper about 3 seconds after the first Live Shad was lowered into the feeding school.  What a great time on the lake! 

Brian Serba from Whitney brought his friends BC Davis and Tom from S.Carolina to catch some Texas Stripes. It was another great success...Thanks Guys. 

Another great day of catchin Stripes on the flutter spoon....Lovin this fall weather! With Richard and John Long from Burleson. Thanks Guys!!

Travis Williams from Waco brought his dad Glen and his son 6 year-old Dublin Striper fishing. It was a success! Today we caught Stripers on live Shad, Blue Gill and flutter spoons. WTG Dublin!! Great catch!!

After 3 1/2 hrs of nothing this afternoon, we finally found a feeding school of Stripers. We then proceeded to make quick work out of our limit. All were caught on flutter spoons. Dean and Ryan Ayres. Thanks, guys..

Bobby Lechler and friends Donnie& Tina had a great morning on the lake. Lots of plump Stripers for the grill!! All were caught on live bait.

The Stripers are all fired up and feeding like a pack of hungry puppies...Most were caught on live shad today a few were caught on the flutter spoon. Steve Otto, and friends Mike Heiten, & Joe Howard. Thanks guys!!


We had a big blue northern blasting in and the Stripers fed like there was no tomorrow. We had our ten fish limit in 20 minutes. We got off the water just in time to miss the storm. What a great time! With Bobby Ness and friend William from Haltom City. Thanks guys!!

All were caught on live bait. 

More great action catchin Stripes==on live bait with Roy and Tari Whittaker from Whitney. Thanks Ya'll!!

After a rough week of fishing where I just could not find or stay on a decent school of Stripers they showed up and remained active long enough to catch a nice limit. Check out the freak Striper the stumpy little fatty third from the end it measured 18 1/2 inches. Thanks, Rob Brownrigg, Rick, and Mike!!