8/23/2018 Paul and Steve Skinner from Arlington caught a limit of Stripers for the grill this morning. Thanks Guys! Great to see you guys again after 16 years. Don"t stay gone so long. LOL. 

8/1/2018 This was day #2 taking the crews from Fitzgerald,s landscaping. We had our limit in just a little over one hour then a little catch and release for a while longer. It was a great time with Morgan Underwood, Fred Mew, Donnie Fratus, and Gilbert Perez. Thanks Guys!!

8/5/2018 Wackin the Whitney Stripers !! With Robin Kelly, Ethan Egreda, Chris Kupcunas, & John Torrez from the Dallas area. What a great day !...Thanks guys !..

8/2/2018 Day #3 of taking the guys from Fitzgerald's Landscaping was a catchin success. We smacked-em good! What a great time with a great bunch of guys. Carol Fitzgerald, Seth, Travis, Sam, & Jeff. Thanks Carroll!! Look forward to seeing all you guys again next year!

8/9/2018 It was great action today with my buddies Dick Grimes, Greg Johnson, and Arnie Hibler. They brought a couple of new guys to the lake today Ben Richardson and his grandson Daniel Johnson. We Smacked-em good!!

8/20/2018 One last summer outing before school starts for Don Pruner and his Grandson Ty Herman and friend Carson Bell. Most of the morning it was just one or two Stripers here and there and then we found a giant school feeding and had five on at one time on Live Shad and one on the Flutter Spoon. What a great morning..Thanks guys! Good luck at school this year!

8/7/2018 Grandpa, Phil took two of his grand-kids Frank & Zack Ritz Striper fishing before school starts and caught whole a mess of Stripers for the grill.. We limited on live Shad and then we wacked -em on a Giant BP flutter spoon. They were smack-in that spoon as fast as we could drop it!! Thanks Cody Pradka!!

8/17/2018 The top water bite was not to good this morning but we wacked-em good on the Giant BP flutter spoon. Thanks Guys!! Jerry & Becky Stringer from Burleson. What a great time!

8/16/2018 The top water bite continues to be good on the Cordell Pencil Popper. What a blast! Thanks Guys!! Jerry Hollingshead, David Graham, Wayne Burklund.

8/18/2018 What a fun morning on the lake with Johnny, & Dollyn Tusa, and Lance, Casey & Wade Summey from Waco. Catching Stripers on live Shad and the giant BP flutter spoon. Thanks Guys!! Great job Wade on catching your first Stripers..You did great!

8/4/2018 It was pretty much catchin from start to stop today with Rick Wilkins and Rickey Boyer both from the Whitney area. What a great morning! Thanks Guys!

8/19/2018 We had to work for them a little today to get a limit but we got them. Most were caught on live Shad. Thanks Guys! Cody Pratka, Kyle Bryan, Travis Hill, Matt Stanton, & Seth Leigh.

8/6/2018 More Stripers for the grill!!! WTG...Charles, Glenda, Donna & Al.
Thanks Guys!