8/20/2017 It was very good fish catchin action early this morning. With Randi, Matt, Mayden, & Maitlynn Mitchell. The bigest Striper put up such a fight it took a team effort to get him into the boat . Mayden and Maitlyn managed to wrestle him to the net. And then for this ole Striper it was all over except for the fryin...WTG gals!

8-5-2017 It was a nice day of catching Stripers with a couple of great young anglers. Lee & Jacob Mott and Tristen Exline.

8-3-2017 Another great day of catching Stripers. With Greg, Dick, Bob & Calvin all from Whitney. Thanks guys!

8-29-2017 A great day on the lake with jack Ingram and Ray & Tom. Thanks guys!

8-9-2017 Pretty slow most of the morning. Right about the time everyone was about to fall asleep we found a massive school of feeding Stripers and we Wacked-em good....Our nice relaxing day on the lake turned into pandemonium real quick! With Alex, Courtney, & Wendy.. Go Baylor Bears!...

8-2-2017 Always an adventure! We fished in the pouring rain today. At least it was warm...Charles, Aden, Glenda, & Brenan from Dallas.

8-18-2017 What a day! Most of the morning was pretty slow and then BAM the rods are all going down at the same time! Lori catches the largest Fish she ever caught. WTG Lori!  David and Lori Moore from Groesbeck. Thanks Guys! 

8-6-2017 It was wild, fast action this morning!   With Dennis & Phil Hanley and Danny, & Kenny.

8-7-2017 The fishing was very slow this morning. Then finally we found a large school of feeding Stripers and BAM! We Smacked-em good! It didn't take but just a few minutes and we had our limit with one really nice size Striper and a bunch of great ones for the frying pan... With Scott and Donna Shepard from Maypearl.

8-30-2017 The wind blew like crazy but what a great day with a great bunch of kiddos...Louis & Jennifer Brown, and Clair, Peter, Benjamin, & Zack. From Waco. WTG You guys did good!

8-16-2017 We Wacked-em good today! With Dick Grimes, Calvin, Wilber & Maryann

8-28-2017 Mike says a day of fishing was just what the doc. ordered. And we smacked-em good! On top water plugs! A bunch of Stripers and largemouth Bass also. Mike Dominguez, JJ, Ray & Avalarado from Waco. What a great day with a bunch of great guys! Thanks guys!

8-10-2017 It was nice and steady fish catchin action today...It got a little toasty out there today but the sunrise was great. With Mike Millsap and Tyler Todd from Cleburne. Thanks Guys! 

8-24-2017 Robert Guy and Vindon Dykes from Dallas Caught a nice haul of Stripers and one Catfish for the grill

8-11-2017 It was nice steady action again today. With Randy, Madison, & Mason Wyle. and Richie from Stephenville.