4/5/2018 Aaron and Amanda Gann Caught a whole bunch of Stripers today and a few cats the largest Striper was 29 inches long. Thanks guys!


4/24/2018 Sam & Libby Meyer and Travis & Linda Blount caught a boat load of Stripers today on live shad. Sam caught the big-un it was 31 inches long.What a great day with some great folks. THANKS GUYS!

4/1/2018 The gals all said they had fun, fun, fun...Catchin lots of Stripers. Lacy, Brooklyn, Morgan, & Janaya, Dinkler.

4/8/2018 We caught a boatload of Stripers this morning. With Guillermo Guerrero, Cory Watson, Jay Turner, Keith Wilkerson, and Leo Miller. Leo caught the largest Striper today it was 29 inches long this was the first fish that Leo has ever caught! WTG Leo! Thanks guys!

4/25/2018 Another good day on the lake catchin Stripers with Chuck Voan, Dennis Jones, Chris Cabla, Richard Bay, & Nung Hamilton.

4/16/2018 Steven and Cully Pitts, Dee Hall, & Brian Morris Caught a bunch of nice size Stripers today...The largest was 29 inches long. Thanks Guys!

4/15/2018 Tony. Rhonda, Matt & Gary Gibson Had a great time catchin... The largest Striper was 30 inches long. All were caught on Shad. Thanks Guys!

4/23/2018 We had our limit of Stripers on Top water lures in 20 minutes this morning. We caught and released several more and lots of White Bass. What a great time! With Dwayne and Carlita

4/17/2018 The top water bite was good this morning. These weren't a large as some that we have been catching on live bait recently. But they sure made up for it with their bad attitude! What a great time with Matt and Derek from Waco.

4/10/2018 Mike Lennon, Ronnie, Brenda & Joey caught a whole bunch of Nice linesides today...Everyone had a great time on the lake! Ready for a fish fry.....

4/12/2018 We had to battle the high winds today but everyone had a great time today catching Stripers on top water lures. Ed Haskins, Jobe Leray, and Rich Keaton. Thanks Guys!!

4/6/2018 We caught a few on top water this morning and then finished our limit of Stripers on live shad. Brad Coburn caught a 7lb8oz largemouth Bass. ...Monty White, Dwayne Eubanks, Brad Coburn, and Ike Herritk. THANKS GUYS!!