Mike, Mike Jr., and Will Mathias caught a boatload of Stripes this morning on live bait. What a great time!! The lake is holding steady at around 18 feet high.

 We went chunkin topwater lures this morning. Ten-year-old Jase Taylor landed this chunky Largemouth Bass on a small chugger it measured 24 1/2 inches WTG Jase. We released the fish unharmed. Jase and his dad also show the largest Striper of the day. Thanks guys!


What a beautiful day with Joe D. and Nettie Geistweidt from Glenrose. We caught some hard fighting Whitney stripes this morning. The largest was 33 inches long.

 What a great time with the Elkins group today. Laurence, Chad, Kirk & GB. With poor conditions for topwater action it was a bit slower but we still caught a bunch of Stripes and whites. Had one twofer. That's two on one lure at the same time...LOL

 Even though we had perfect conditions this morning the topwater bite was a little slow. But we still had several Stripers and Sandbass smack the daylights out of our surface plugs. What a great time!! With Lynn Daigrepont and Wayne Kimmey. THANKS GUYS!!

Smackin the daylights out of a bunch of Stripers on the Nichols Magnum spoon with Bill & Andy Farley. What a great time..Thanks Guys!!

Great topwater action today! They were blasting those poor Shad out of the water like crazy....LOL ... (: Our annual jailbreak with Paul Allen, Colby Oldham, and Bruce Clay. What a great time!!! Thanks, guys..Good to see you all again!

 The lake is dropping fast but the Stripers just keep on feeding. Rusty Kennard and Marc Hardage caught some hard fighting linesides today.. Thanks guys!!

 Smackin big ole Stripers on the Nichols spoon with James Powell and Ed Phillips. It was catch and release today the largest Striper of the day measured 34 inches. Its hard work catching Stripers on the magnum spoon but what great fun. And BIG fish....Thanks guys!!

 Courtney Cecil asked Uncle Pat (Me)  to take her fishing so away we went with the whole gang. What a great time we all had! Shelly, Eugene, Courtney & Ellie Cecil and Emmy & Melissa  (: Still not great conditions for topwater action but everyone got to catch a few. Melissa Small gets the big one 33 inches... WTG girls!! And Eugene LOL

 Tobyn & Taylor Dyre from San Antonio caught some Lake Whitney Stripes today. Tobyn asked if I ever caught Stripers on spoons I said yes I have a spoon on steroids lets try it. We quickly landed this 35 inch brute and a few more that we released. It looks like the lake topped out around 23 ft. above normal pool. 

 Wackin Stripers on live bait....With Steve Otto and Rob Brownstone. Thanks guys...

 We landed a pile of eaters today on live bait. Donald, Scott Haden, & Braden, It was great seeing you guys again. Thanks!!