After a long hot Summer, a cool blustery north wind is just what the Stripers are wanting. It will trigger them to feed like a bunch of hungry puppies. What a great time with Wendel, Ron, and John McPherson. Thanks, Guys!!

Ron and Kaylee Estes from Cleburne had a fun morning on the lake catchin a boatload of line=sides. The action started out a little slow but we soon had our limit of Stripers on live Shad. We then started fishing with the Magnum spoon and boated several more. 

The Stripers are loving this cool weather!! We Smack-ed em good this morning on live Shad and jigs. With Jerry, Lani, Jim and Ageane Anderson from Houston. Thanks guys!! 

We had to work for them today but we managed to get a limit plus a few throwbacks. Great day fishin with a couple of great guys! Rob and Chuck. All were caught on live Shad. 

Darren McClary with Jeff and Conner Audirsch from Louisiana caught a mess of Stripers for the grill this morning. All were caught on live Shad. 

Wack-in the Stripes = on jigs!! Gotta love this cool weather....The Stripers sure do! Eric McGinnis, Ty McGinnis, Clay Kisor, and Matt Kennedy from the DFW area. Thanks Guys!

Wackin the stripes === on jigs and live Shad with Craig and Sue Dameron from Dublin. The water temps on the lake have fallen around 13 degrees and the fishing is heating up big time!!

Russ caught this beautiful Largemouth bass today. It tried with all its might to shake the hook but lost the battle as I scooped it into the net. For a late summertime Bass, it was surprisingly healthy and fat. It was released unharmed to fight another day. WTG Russ!! 

They are not real big but they sure are fighting like it... LOL...It was a sort of a grand slam as we caught Stripers using three different styles of fishing. Topwater lures, live Shad, and the giant magnum spoon all produced Stripers today. What a fun day.. Thanks, guys with Rob and Chris Brownrigg from Tin Top. 

Wackin the Whitney Stripers on the Giant Nichols spoon with Sean and Jennifer Rui from College Station. Thanks guys!!


You never know what you might pull up from the fish cleaning dock. This big-ole Blue Cat had a big slab of striper skin and rib cage in his belly from the Stripers I was cutting up. WTG JJ

What a great day of late summer topwater action! We caught them in very shallow water on chuggers and Whopper Ploppers.  Mike Dominguez and Jeffery Jones of Waco. 

Harry, Mindy, & JJ from Waco had a great day catchin Stripes= on live shad and the Nichols Magnum Spoon. After we caught our limit on Live shad we then continued to catch and release more Stripers on the giant spoons the remainder of the morning. Nothing really big today but they are feeding and scrapping like they think they are.